EIP Brand & Style Guide

I spent three incredible years with the Early Identification Program (EIP). My objective was to rebuild the brand identity of George Mason University’s 30-year-old college access program for minority students of underrepresented communities of Northern Virginia. In 2010, the program was reorganizing, transitioning in new leadership, and needed a major facelift after not having refined its image in 25 years. I sourced student graduates of the program who know what it means and what feels like to be a first-generation college student, who wear the EIP "badge" with honor. In collaboration with them, I reimagined EIP's brand identity and gave them The EIP Shield.


EDI Business Cards (Print)
EDI Website (UI)
EDI Customer Service Model Brochure (Print)
Safe Zone
EDI 365 (Film Series)
Women of Color in Science
PRIDE Month: Telling Our Stories
Branding Diversity at the NIH
EDI Office Brochure
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