University of Pennsylvania - RISE for Boys & Men of Color
RISE for boys and men of color is an interdisciplinary field advancement effort. The program at the University of Pennsylvania aims to understand and strategically improve the lives, experiences, and outcomes of boys and men of color in the United States.
My team is responsible for creating the online presence of the program. The strongest feature is its advanced toolset—the Expert Directory and the Data Center— which establish the destination as more than a website. It offers a robust searchable index of academic scholars supporting the RISE initiative as well as current disaggregated data charts that users can logically navigate and download.
Michael J.A. Davis: Lead-Designer, Project Management, Admin
Amani Anai: Web Developer, Engineer
Contributions:  Brand Art  •  UI  •  UX  •  Information Hierarchy  •  Project Management

1) Textual
— Clear Hierarchy; Labels that Guide Flow and Orientation; Suggestive Actions
2) Visual — Clear Calls to Action
Data Center
To Market.
To Market.


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