Products are comprehensive aggregations of critical education materials on equity-mindedness.

This in contrast to how equity-mindedness is taught and experienced in the field, which consists largely of in-person seminars, workshops, and intensives.

Bridge the gap between a comprehensive document resource and in-person seminars, workshops, and intensives with an engaging and interactive tool that: (1) c
aptures the most successful methods for exploring of equity-mindedness and; (2) prescribes measures for enhancing the equity-mindedness of university syllabi.

Discovery, Ideation & Critique
Rapid Prototyping & Early Testing
Wireframes,  v1.0
Rapid prototyping and testing early helped the client visualize the final product before investing further, reducing risk and cost. We were able to pivot early to a new concept that better matched the client's goal and creative vision. (See below.)
Research & Solution
Affinity Mapping & Exemplars
System Design & Continuous Critique
Wireframes, v.2.0
Invent, reduce and simplify for scale.
High Fidelity Mockups
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